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Custom Cues


A plain ash or maple shaft spliced into a single timber, usually ebony unless otherwise specified.  Finished with a name plate and a covering butt joint as standard.

Same as above but with a single front splice, that bit of eye candy to embellish the butt of the cue.  A range of colourful veneers can also be added.

The most popular style of making your cue stand out from the crowd.  4 Lower splices, again, veneers can be used to highlight the transition between the darker woods.  Lighter exotics such as Olivewood, Quilted Maple and  Pink Ivory can work very well on their own without veneers.

Combining the previous 2 styles can result in a striking looking cue if you get the wood combos just right.  In particular I think the Ebony and Olivewood pairing without veneers looks superb.  It gives a lovely contrast without being too fussy.

If you’re looking for something really special then this could be the way to go.  By choosing 8 lower exotics you can really play with colour.  A personal favourite of mine is the Ebony, Cocobolo and Olivewood combo.  As your eye passes over the cue the colours have a transition from light to dark and back again.

The Apex as the name suggests is the top of my standard cue range.  First introduced in 2022 with a full resin upgrade as a customers own design it quickly drew attention from cueists world wide and inspired a slew of new orders.  With a response like that I just had to add it to the range.  Due to the complexity of this model and range of splice work it is only available as a 1 piece.

A serious collector? Or do you simply need to have that TRUE 1 of a kind?  


Each one will carry its own value based on the complexity of the design, a unique design that I will never repeat so you can be sure that you and you alone are the only person with a cue like it.

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