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I’m often asked if I get sentimental about my cues.  Truth be told I do but I also get a lot of enjoyment when I hand it over to its new owner.  I can promote myself as best I can but it's best heard when I let my customers do it for me...

Trevor Walton - Co Durham

“Well I’ve got to say great big thanks to Karl Craik for making my new cue.  After playing with it for only five frames I’ve knocked in a 61 break and my very first century break –feeling happy”.


Alan Yates - Northumberland

“A massive thanks for making my new pool cue.  Thanks for even letting me choose the direction of cut of the woods.  It’s been well worth the wait.”


John Orr - Kilmarnock

“..I’m over the moon with it, you have wowed me plain and simple.  I love it, I’m actually afraid to touch it in case I damage it never mind play

with it.  Take care and thanks again.


Danny McNeil - Kilmarnock

“That cue you made is f***ing lovely.  Absolutely stunning!  I love it more than I love my Mrs haha.


Nick Cairns -Tyne & Wear

"Just like to thank my pal Karl Craik for making me my new pool cue. Handmade!!! Cracking workmanship mate. Well done."


Alistair Bailey - Leeds

"I personally think Karl (if he had the time) could revolutionise the quality of cues being offered to the public!  They are superb."


Jonny Thirsk - Chester-le-Street

"AND this ladies and gentlemen is why I chose Karl Craik to make Beau's cue last year.  His craftsmanship is ridiculus, a very talented man with wood in his hand... Not a massive name in the cue making world but he should be and this proves why. I'm sure this piece of art will get his name round even more!!  Excellent work Karl!!!


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