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Whether you are new to the sport or a pro, whether you know exactly what you like or really have no idea but like looking at cues then I hope you enjoy having a look around my site.


The information contained here will hopefully give you an insight into me and my cues.  Take a good look around at my past examples and see how I have made them.  Learn what has developed from an interest, to a hobby, to a full blown obsession.


If you like what you see and would like to order a cue then get in touch and I’d love to discuss your requirements.


See you soon,

Karl Craik

Welcome to 

Karl Craik 


John Orr - Kilmarnock

“..I’m over the moon with it, you have wowed me plain and simple.  I love it, I’m actually afraid to touch it in case I damage it never mind play

with it.  Take care and thanks again."

Visit my gallery page to see some example of my work.  I hope it shows my attention to detail and it may even give you inspiration for your own cue.

Take a look at the process I go through each and every time when crafting a cue.  From timber yard to table, the whole journey is here...

Here you'll find bonus info about cue care, what people think of my cues, the stuff of nightmares and other odds and sods...


The best way to contact me is by e-mail.  If you'd like to order a cue, discuss an alteration or repair, or just ask for some advise then drop me a line here...

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